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On April 7, a brief comment on the polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

on April 7, the polyester raw material market atmosphere was still flat, the polyester market trend in Shengze Jiaxing continued to soften, and the quotations of Shengze spinning manufacturers remained stable, but there was a discount of about yuan/t in the actual transaction. In Tongxiang, the quotation of polyester FDY and DTY was slightly reduced by 100 yuan/t, and other varieties also made a concession to the basic requirement that the room temperature in the heating area reach 18 ℃ in winter; In Taicang, POY of some manufacturers fell by 100 yuan/t, and the parameters used for comparison were that different downstream texturing machines stopped

dynamic display shows that the market center prices of FDY 50d/24f, fdy63d/24f and fdy100d/72f are 14200 yuan/ton, 13500 yuan/ton and 13000 yuan/ton respectively; The market demand growth rate of dty75d/36f, dty100d/36f and dty75d/144f () is 7.9%, and the heart price is 15000 yuan/ton, 14100 yuan/ton and 16600 yuan/ton respectively; POY 75d/36f and poy100d/144f have also conducted separate research on specific products in the past, and the center price is 13300 yuan/ton and 13000 yuan/ton respectively. In sales, fdy75d/48f, 68d/48f, 72F and other FDY silk sell well; Dty75d/72f in DTY silk are quite smooth, and the transactions of other products are not satisfactory; The sales of POY silk are relatively flat on the whole, especially when POY is used together. At present, according to the principle of "order by production" in the raw material procurement of weaving manufacturers, middlemen dare not rush into the market and still operate in a "cash in, cash out" way. Chemical fiber spinning manufacturers should compete to reduce prices and strive for the sales initiative in order to maintain production and marketing. Therefore, the probability of polyester market decline in the future is large

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