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Common problems and Countermeasures in hot water heating system (Part 2)

4 the upper and middle floors of buildings are overheated, and the lower floors are not hot.

4.1 the upward and downward feeding single pipes have made great contributions. In the heating system, the phenomenon of overheated upper floors and unheated lower floors is common; In the up and down feed double pipe heating system, there is also the phenomenon of overheating in the upper layer and low room temperature in the lower layer. There are many reasons for this phenomenon in the single pipe system. According to the analysis of common phenomena, the thermal pressure of the building is not considered in the calculation of cold air infiltration, and the calculation of the lower layer is less than the actual, while the upper layer is the opposite; In addition, when calculating the radiator, the heat scattered into the room by the pipe is not considered, and the heat load of the room is taken as the load of the radiator. In this way, the combined heat dissipation of the radiator and pipe on the upper layer is greater than the room heat. It is recommended that you go to the manufacturer you bought to consult the load, and the surface temperature of the radiator on the lower layer is lower than the calculated value. As for the up and down feeding double pipe system, the phenomenon of overheating in the upper layer and low room temperature in the lower layer is mainly due to vertical imbalance

4.2 measures taken: solve the phenomenon of heating up and cooling down the single pipe system from up to down. When calculating the radiator, the number of radiator fins should be calculated after deducting the heat dissipation of the pipeline. At the same time, the pipeline temperature drop of heat medium should be calculated, and for the double pipe up and down feeding system, the hydraulic balance should be considered first, especially the influence of gravity head

5 in the heating system, the front end is hot and the end is not hot

5.1 in the vertical system, there is the phenomenon that the end riser is not hot; In the horizontal system, the phenomenon that the end radiator is not hot is that the pointer indicates the numerical value of the load acting on the event. In the vertical system, there are two reasons why the end riser is not hot, one is that there is an air plug at the end, which interrupts the water circulation of the end riser, and the other is the horizontal imbalance of the heating system. Especially in the different distance system, when the number of risers per ring is large, the flow in the end riser must be too small. The reason why the radiator at the end of the horizontal double pipe system is not hot is that there are too many radiator groups carried by a pair of risers and no accurate hydraulic calculation is made, resulting in congenital horizontal imbalance

5.2 measures taken: for the non heating phenomenon of the end riser, if it is caused by an air plug, correct the slope to make it exhaust smoothly; In case of horizontal imbalance, the same program system should be used. When the radiator at the end of the horizontal branch is not hot, the branch should be changed to the same program. If different programs are used, the number of groups of radiators carried by the branch should not be too many, and each group should be equipped with regulating valves. It is best to use a single pipe in series, and when using two pipes, the same program must be used, and the pipe diameter at the end should be appropriately enlarged on the basis of calculation to ensure flow and heat

6 system gas accumulation and air plug

6.1 if there is gas accumulation or air plug in the system, the radiator will not be able to correct the accuracy level of the experimental machine: Level 1 normal operation, damage the water circulation, and sometimes cold and sometimes hot

6.2 measures taken: make the gas and water flow in the same direction as much as possible, collect the bubbles in the gas collecting tank, and the air is discharged from the gas collecting tank. Prevent the pipeline from reverse slope, and do not lay it all without slope

7 conclusion

there are many reasons and phenomena that cause the hot water heating system to not work normally, such as the radiator in the whole building is not hot, the radiator in a ring road of a building is not hot, and individual risers and radiators are not hot

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