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Common maintenance methods for mechanical parts

(1) adjustment and transposition method: replace the worn parts in one direction, and continue to work with the parts that are not worn or slightly worn. String 4 may cause micro cracks due to large stress sets used in various uses

(2) repair dimension method: repair the damaged parts to change their geometric dimensions, and match them with correspondingly changed accessories to achieve the specified matching technical parameters. For example, after the cylinder of Dongfanghong-75 (54) tractor is worn, the diameter can be increased by 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 or 1.25 mm according to the repair size, and the piston and piston ring with corresponding increased size can be used at the same time

(3) additional parts method: use a part specially based on the principles of resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development to assemble on the worn part of the part to compensate for the wear of the part and restore its original cooperation relationship

(4) replacement of parts and partial replacement method: when the parts are damaged so that they cannot be repaired or the repair cost is too high, new parts shall be used for replacement; If a part of the part is seriously damaged, the damaged part can be removed and a new part can be made. The new part can be connected with the base part of the original part by welding or other methods, Thus, "at present, the platform has invested nearly ten million yuan to restore the working capacity of parts.

(5) size recovery method: restore the damaged parts to the overall size and performance specified in the technical requirements through welding (electric welding, gas welding, brazing), electroplating, spraying, rubber repair, forging, pressing, turning, pliers, heat treatment and other methods. Economic benefits should be considered when using this method. Generally, the cost of repairing parts is about 5-50% of the original price."

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