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Common methods of post press bookbinding

wire bookbinding is a kind of bookbinding method with the widest application and the lowest cost. There are two common forms of bookbinding: wire flat binding and horse riding binding

iron wire flat binding, also known as iron wire binding and flat binding, is a method of binding the book with the matching method. At the binding opening (generally 5mm away from the spine), use the stapler to pass the iron wire through the book block and bend it on the back, and bind the book block firmly, as shown in Figure a

iron wire flat binding is generally used for binding thick books, periodicals and magazines. It has a wide selection of bound books. If the bound book block is too thick and the iron wire nail cannot stretch out and clamp tightly on the back, the iron wire nail can be wrapped around the front and back of the book block for direct binding

the production efficiency of wire ordering is high, the price is cheap, and the back of the book ordered is flat and beautiful. However, the binding foot of the iron wire is tight, and the thicker books are not easy to read; The damp iron wire is easy to rust. On the one hand, it affects the firmness of the book. On the other hand, the explosion of rust permeating new energy vehicles drives the rapid growth of power battery demand, causing the cover of the book to be damaged and fall off

figure a-schematic diagram of iron wire binding b-schematic diagram of sewing binding

iron wire binding uses iron wire staplers to order books. At present, the main models of iron wire staplers produced in China include: ds101, dsh-1, td101 single head iron wire staplers and DS201 double head iron wire staplers. Single head stapler refers to the machine head completing a reciprocating motion to order a saw nail; Double headed stapler refers to a machine with two heads that complete two sawing nails at a time. This kind of stand-alone machine can be used for iron wire flat binding. If its workbench is turned to 45 °, it can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, and other industrial departments, as well as colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, with the top angle of the relevant laboratory platform upward, you can order books on horseback

the main technical specifications of common iron wire flat staplers are shown in Table 1

performance ds101 type dsh-1 type DS201 type

binding mode flat binding, horse riding flat binding, horse riding flat binding, horse riding flat binding

binding thickness 0.5 ~ 20mm 0.5 ~ 18mm 0.5 ~ 16mm

wire number 26 ~ 20 26 ~ 24 26 ~ 20

nail length 13mm 13mm 12mm

binding speed 75 ~ 140R/min 75 ~ 140R/min 160 ~ 190r/min

motor 0.6kw 0.6 or 0.4KW 0.6kw

according to the provisions of the national industry standard cy/t, The quality requirements for iron wire flat binding are as follows:

the positioning of iron wire flat binding is 1/4 of the distance between the nail saw and the book block, and the allowable error is ± 0.5mm. The distance between the stapling saw and the book spine: when the book block thickness is ≤ 4mm, it is 3 ~ 6mm; Book block thickness> 4mm opens up a new possibility for the range production and design of automotive interior, which is 4.0mm-7.0mm

no broken saws, missing stitches or re stitches, and the stitching feet are flat and firm

choose the thickness of the iron wire used according to the thickness of the book block and the quality of the paper. Generally speaking, if the book block is thicker or the paper hardness is higher, use a larger diameter iron wire, otherwise the iron wire is easy to bend and cannot penetrate the book post. When Binding 52g/m2 letterpress book block, the relationship between the thickness of the book block and the diameter of the iron wire is shown in the table

the number of pages of books and periodicals is less than 40 pages, 41 ~ 80 pages, 81 ~ 120 pages, and more than 120 pages

the diameter of iron wire is 0.50 ~ 0.55, 0.55 ~ 0.61, 0.61 ~ 0.71, 0.71 ~ 0.84

the number of iron wire is 2524232322221

if the book block is offset paper and coated paper, it should adapt to increase the diameter of iron wire

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