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Downstream industries drive the development of jaw crushers in China

jaw crushers are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractories, ceramics and other industrial sectors for medium and fine crushing of various medium hard ores and rocks. The development of relevant industries will drive the demand of the industry

1) future market evaluation of mining industry

with the domestic economic growth, the degree and process of infrastructure construction will increase, and the demand for mine resources in domestic industries will expand rapidly. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the future growth of China's mining industry will not be less than 10%

2) water for users to process data twice; Future market evaluation of mud industry

cement is an important basic raw material for national economic construction and has an irreplaceable market position. As an important basic industry of the national economy, the cement industry has become an important symbol of the national economic and social development level and comprehensive strength. From the perspective of macroeconomic fundamentals, the economy is expected to stabilize, and the growth rate of cement market demand will remain stable as a whole. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the future growth of China's cement market will be about 10%

3) future market evaluation of the chemical industry

in 2014, the favorable conditions for the development of China's chemical industry are gradually increasing, and the rebound momentum of the industrial economy will be further consolidated. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the future growth of China's chemical market will not be less than 15%

4) future market evaluation of refractory materials

in, the growth rate of China's refractory market size was more than 14%, and the refractory industry developed well. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the growth rate of China's refractory market will remain stable, with a future growth rate of no less than 20%

5) market demand forecast of jaw crusher

according to the data of the "analysis report on production and marketing demand and investment forecast of China's crushing and grinding equipment industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, in recent years, the main demand for fixtures is also high, and the average market growth rate of the field is as follows. Based on the above analysis, the future development of the four industries will remain stable

under the condition that the development of downstream industries will remain stable in the future, the market demand for jaw crushers will grow, with an optimistic growth rate of 15% and a pessimistic growth rate of 8%

as the renewal cycle of crusher parts is shorter and shorter, and the replacement of new equipment is faster and faster, especially when there is no mature experience to learn from in the development of large jaw crusher, which is a device for raising and lowering drill cones, and design errors are not allowed, there is no specific analysis method for identifying recycled plastics at home and abroad. Machine enterprises must improve design efficiency and design quality with the help of the integration of multidisciplinary technology, Improve the ability of independent innovation and market competitiveness

the jaw crusher in the future will be "ecological", that is, the manufacturing mode, manufacturing resources, manufacturing process and manufacturing organization will be continuously innovated with the help of various advanced technologies, so that the products will not produce environmental pollution or minimize environmental pollution in the whole life cycle, with the highest resource utilization rate and the lowest energy consumption, and finally realize the coordination of economic and social benefits of enterprises. Therefore, Henan Hubei crusher with high efficiency and zero pollution has a good development prospect

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