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In the first half of this year, the photovoltaic industry has been regarded as a crisis. The debt crisis of Suntech and LDK broke out, and small and medium-sized enterprises closed down one after another. However, it is surprising that the semi annual performance report shows that domestic photovoltaic enterprises are more than 70% profitable. The investigation found that the downstream photovoltaic power station project has become an important reason for enterprises to achieve good results, and the development to the downstream may also become a lifesaver for the photovoltaic industry

most photovoltaic enterprises make profits

according to the Beijing business daily, a recent report showed that among the 30 domestic photovoltaic enterprises that have released the 2013 interim report performance forecast, 22 companies have reported the performance forecast for the first half of this year, accounting for 73.3% of the total number of companies that have released the performance forecast. It can be said that turning losses and soaring prices in the first half of the year have become the key words for the performance of these photovoltaic enterprises. According to the announcement of Dongfang Risheng welcome consulting (300118), the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of this year is expected to increase by 1553% to 2544% over the same period last year, with a profit of 25-40 million yuan. In this regard, the explanation given by the company is that during the reporting period, a number of photovoltaic power stations invested and built by the company have been realized and generated power successively, and the company has received electricity revenue and transfer income of some power stations

another Aerospace electromechanical company (600151), which turned losses into profits, is expected to have a net profit of about 168million yuan in the first half of this year, compared with a loss of 302 million yuan in the same period last year. For the reasons for turning losses, aerospace electromechanical first mentioned that the company's self built photovoltaic power station project achieved sales, and the investment income and industrial chain profit were reflected

supporting policies of beneficiary countries

it is understood that since the United States and Europe successively launched the "double anti" campaign against China's photovoltaic industry in 2011, photovoltaic enterprises at both ends are facing collapse. In order to support photovoltaic enterprises, the Chinese government has launched a number of policies to encourage photovoltaic to return home since last year. At the end of last year, the state power, which has been indifferent to new energy, issued opinions on the free and qualified distributed photovoltaic power generation

since this year, the national support policies have been gradually refined. On July 15, the "several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry" increased the total installed capacity of photovoltaic from 21gw to more than 35gw in 2015, and made it clear that the main buildings of the three research institutes can be put into use for 20 years in principle at the end of the year when the electricity price and subsidies are implemented. Subsequently, the Ministry of Finance issued the "notice on issues related to the implementation of the subsidy policy for distributed photovoltaic power generation according to electricity", which made it clear that the state grants subsidies to distributed photovoltaic power generation projects according to electricity, and the subsidy funds are transferred to distributed photovoltaic power generation project units through power enterprises. Another source said that in the near future, the preferential policy of 50% VAT on photovoltaic power station projects will be clarified. Industry insiders believe that the photovoltaic industry is likely to turn a corner in the second half of the year

power stations will become the focus of profitability

so far, the difficulties and electricity price subsidies have been supported at the policy level, which naturally boosted the confidence of the industry development. Photovoltaic enterprises rely on power stations to make large profits and build several port polyurethane industrial bases, and the rise has become a natural name; Function of tensile machine for weldments: tensile performance. Another analysis said that with the introduction of policies, the performance in the second half of the year is expected to continue to grow

in this context, photovoltaic enterprises are particularly concerned about the construction of power stations. Yingli group, a photovoltaic giant, said in an interview that the development of downstream power stations is a major direction of the group's strategic transformation. According to the plan, the company will vigorously promote the construction of power stations in, focusing on the development of ground power stations in Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Hebei, Henan and other places, and promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation nationwide

however, for the future of photovoltaic, there are views that it is not a good thing. Wang Xiaokun, a new energy analyst at zhuochuang information, believes that subsidies are temporary after all, and will become less and less with the development of the industry. In addition, it should be noted that although photovoltaic is a clean energy, it will produce huge pollution in the process of producing photovoltaic products, which will also be an important problem that the industry must solve

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