The hottest downstream product of Shandong Hongye

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Shandong Hongye adipic acid downstream products were put into operation in March. It is reported that Shandong Hongye's new adipic acid downstream product production line, the slurry and sole stock solution device, will be put into operation in March this year

xuejianjun, general manager of the company, said that Shandong Hongye Chemical always pursues the concept of winning with quality. Through years of operation, the quality of the company's products from cyclohexanone to adipic acid has won full market confidence. Therefore, Xue Jianjun is optimistic about the launch of this new project, which is displayed in the "experimental results" box at the bottom left of the main interface

Shandong Hongye has an annual output of 50000 tons of slurry and 50000 tons of sole stock, which are used in many fields such as diapers and contact lens manufacturing. In addition, a 100000 ton/year polyester polyol device will be put into operation in March

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