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DPE solvent gravure printing ink

DPE gravure printing ink is composed of polyamide resin, high-grade pigments and organic solvents. It is a volatile dry ink after full dispersion and grinding. It is suitable for gravure rotary printing. It is mainly used for surface printing of polypropylene and vinyl chloride, and is widely used in shopping bags and handbags in supermarkets Ready to wear packaging, food packaging, etc

[product features]

1 Good printability, gloss, adhesion and scratch resistance For example, taking the yield concept of plastics (upper yield) as the yield concept of metal materials (generally lower yield) output

2 Good water resistance, soap resistance and frost resistance

3. Low viscosity, high chroma and bright colors

4. The adhesion of untreated film is good

5. Good oxidation resistance

[product specification]

1 Fineness: less than 4 u

2. Viscosity: #4 cup seconds

3. Main solvent: ester Benzene Alcohol Mixed solvent (1:6:3)

4 Dilution ratio: Ink: diluent is 1:0 5 (weight ratio)

5 Printing speed: m/min

[standard color number and characteristics]

please refer to the standard color card and the color characteristic table in the color card

[DPE usage and precautions]

I This product is alcohol soluble, and it is advisable to dry it at a slight temperature of 50 degrees in the printing process

II In case of extreme humidity (above 80), it will affect the printing suitability and adhesion, and the gloss will also be reduced. If it lasts for a long time, there will be water droplets in the ink tank, which will damage the ink structure. Please pay attention

III During the printing process, the flatness (water ripple) must be minimized, and the rolling pressure should be minimized to prevent adhesion

IV The adhesion of the treated film is excellent (100), while that of the untreated film is only about

v Membrane treatment takes (dyne) as the most reasonable. 2. Structural situation: single shot double action. If you want to operate more safely, stably and accurately in the later stage, think of the oil cylinder frame structure

VI This product is not designed for oil resistance (vegetable oil). Please pay attention to oil resistance

VII DPE non antifreeze ink is used at low temperature (below 10 ℃). Please choose dpe-l type

VIII DPE system is used in low temperature areas. Please store it at 25 ℃ to ensure liquidity

IX This product has floating color prevention. If there is slight floating color, please put it into the ink tank with PE blowing pipe to eliminate floating color

ten Do not mix with other kinds of inks to maintain good printability, etc

Xi For further understanding of our products, users can choose the corresponding equipment according to their own needs. Please contact our business department to provide complete services

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