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This week: the downstream market is weak, and the paper industry needs to be boosted

this week, the light industry manufacturing sector rose 1.53% as a whole, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index fell 0.21% in the same period, outperforming the market by 1.74%. Among the sub industries of light industry, papermaking fell by 0.07%, packaging and printing rose by 2.96%, forest furniture rose by 1.22%, and entertainment products rose by 4.61%

tracking of the utilization demonstration and other work of the finished paper Market: due to the slow recovery of downstream demand, such a state 1 has continued to this day, the paper market transactions this week are still light, and the selling price is basically the same as last week

copper paper: the same as last week (for example, Zixing quoted 5650 yuan/ton)

double gummed paper: Quanlin quoted 5150/ton, down 3.74% from last week, and the other varieties were the same as last week

paper: in the North American market, the paper (30lb) price index was 600, down 0.56% from last week, and the paper (27lb) price index was 639.41, down 0.56% from last week. The European paper price index was 465.90, unchanged from last week

whiteboard: the quotation of Jianhui green standard is 3550 yuan/ton, down 2.74% from last week, and the other varieties are the same as last week (for example, the quotation of Jinbei is 3975 yuan/ton)

white cardboard: the same as last week (for example, the quotation of poplar is 5700 yuan/ton)

foex packaging paper: both fell slightly, and waste paper vermicelli T2 fell by 0.36%

wood pulp and waste paper Market: most of the domestic pulp prices fell compared with last week. With the quotation of the moon of 4825 yuan/ton, down 4.46%, the pulp market rose this week compared with last week. In the waste paper market, the prices of Japanese waste 3 # and American waste 8 # fell to varying degrees. The travel range analysis of American waste pulling machine Figure 3 # increased by 2.36%, while the price of European waste remained unchanged from last week

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