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Driven by the downstream, the machine tool industry is quietly recovering. CNC machine tools are worth looking forward to

driven by the demand growth of downstream automotive, engineering machinery, power equipment and aerospace military products, the machine tool industry is accelerating its recovery. China Securities News learned that at present, many construction machinery and power station electrical equipment companies are strengthening technological transformation and adding special milling machines for large and heavy equipment. Aluminum alloy high-speed cutting machine tools and difficult to machine materials cutting machine tools needed for the development of large aircraft have also become hot goods

affected by this, Qinchuan development, Shenyang machine tool and other companies in the machine tool sector currently have more orders on hand, and their performance is more guaranteed

the recovery of the downstream drives the demand for machine tools. The fertilizer industry should focus on resolving excess capacity.

in the secondary market, Qinchuan development has increased significantly recently, from 11 yuan at the end of March to 14 yuan at present, with an increase of 27.2% in 10 trading days. Shenyang machine tool has increased by more than 30% in more than 10 days

a relevant person from Qinchuan Development Office said that the company has full orders at present. This year, the market share of gear grinding machine in the field of cars will be further expanded. At the same time, the sales of composite machining centers will be increased, and some new products will be launched. In addition, the company will also expand its service-oriented business related to machine tool manufacturing. These are the new profit growth points of the company

Qinchuan development annual report shows that the top ten circulating shareholders' seats are all held by institutions, and there are two combinations of social security. The number of shareholders fell sharply from 48200 shares at the end of the third quarter to 33400 at the end of last year, with an obvious trend of chip concentration. The institutional shareholding ratio of Shenyang machine tool is also very high. In the first quarter of this year, there were four new institutions, including social security fund 102 portfolio, PetroChina enterprise annuity and two funds

the first quarter report of Shenyang machine tool showed that the company achieved a sales revenue of 1.958 billion yuan in the first quarter, an increase of 69.94% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 30.27 million yuan, equivalent to 0.06 yuan of earnings per share, while the company lost 0.05 yuan per share in the same period last year, with a significant reversal in performance

Shenyang machine tool also passed the private placement plan not long ago. The company plans to issue no more than 200million shares and raise no more than 2.152.5 billion yuan for the construction of major CNC machine tool bases, the technical transformation of new CAK CNC lathes, and the core functions of CNC machine tools. China's plastic extruder industry is moving forward healthily and persistently, including the technical transformation of components and the repayment of bank loans

YINJIANHUI, a researcher at Nanjing Securities, said that the NC rate of output value of Shenyang machine tool in 2009 was only 56%, which was relatively low compared with the NC rate of more than 80% of Qinchuan development and Kunming Machine tool. It is expected that with the listing of five new products and the company's investment in the project after the issuance, the company is expected to reach the average level of more than 80% of Japanese and German machine tool enterprises after the year

some researchers believe that China's exploration of new materials for sand prevention and control uses high-density polyethylene, and the production capacity of CNC machine tools with high gross profit of Shenyang machine tool will be expanded by more than twice in two years

CNC machine tools are worth looking forward to

in the downstream demand of the machine tool industry, automobiles and engineering machinery account for more than 50%, and military aerospace also accounts for about 20%. In addition, large power station electrical equipment also needs all kinds of heavy machine tools. It is understood that at present, the demand for heavy machine tools is on the rise, especially heavy CNC gantry milling machines, large CNC Floor Boring and milling machines with boring bar diameters of more than 250mm, CNC heavy vertical lathes with machining diameters of 16m, CNC heavy horizontal lathes with machining diameters of 4m-5m and machining lengths of 14m-18m, and CNC special milling machines for blade root grooves

due to the strong production and sales of downstream demand industries, in the 2010 machine tool product formula: X - single measured value; Sales are expected to improve, especially for CNC machine tools with high added value

in 2010, the output and export of CNC machine tools in China increased: the cumulative export of metal processing machine tools was US $27.2767 million, an increase of 14.8%; The cumulative export of CNC machine tools was US $6.1617 million, an increase of 32.37%. In the first quarter of this year, the new order contract of Shenyang machine tool was 2.6 billion yuan, an increase of 100% year-on-year, continuing the trend of monthly growth since February 2009

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