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The downturn market will test the situation of the heavy machinery industry

the heavy machinery industry is one of the main sub industries of the major technical equipment manufacturing industry, and it is an industry engaged in large-scale, heavy-duty, complete sets and line technical equipment. Heavy machinery belongs to the mother machine manufacturing industry, and plays a very important role in the whole national economy. In recent years, with the development of the national economy, major projects such as West to east gas transmission, West to East power transmission and south to North Water Diversion have been implemented successively. The leading industries of the national economy such as steel, electric power, petrochemical and coal continue to develop, and the demand scale of the heavy machinery market shows a trend of continuous convergence and slow growth

in the domestic market, as the investment benefits brought by the oversaturation of production capacity in the whole basic industry continue to decline, the equipment demand of traditional service objects in the heavy machinery industry, such as nonferrous metals, building materials, electric power and other industries, has seriously shrunk, the investment enthusiasm in the industry has greatly declined, and new construction and technological transformation projects have decreased simultaneously. The application of new energy and other emerging industries is still in the development stage in China

in the international market, the current environment facing global economic development is very complex. The contradictions of maladjustment, imbalance, disharmony and unsustainability of the world economy in the process of intense adjustment and change are becoming more and more prominent. All kinds of new situations, new problems and new conflicts lead to uncertainty in the process of recovery of the world economy. This uncertainty will inevitably affect investment enthusiasm, resulting in a decline in demand

in the face of such internal and external markets and industrial environment, the five listed companies in the domestic heavy machinery industry, China National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, China National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, China National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, China CITIC Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, and Dalian Heavy Industry Corporation limited, were affected to varying degrees last year. The data released by the five major companies can explain the problem. These five companies are all state-owned enterprises, among which China heavy industry group and China heavy industry group are central enterprises under the supervision of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council recently

although the market scale showed a trend of slow growth, enterprises generally felt that last year, domestic demand fell significantly, accounts receivable increased significantly, the overall production and sales growth rate fell, and the profit margin fell. It is understood that nearly 1/4 of enterprises in the industry suffer losses

for the future judgment, Huang Li, deputy director of the national energy administration, believes that according to the current domestic energy situation, heavy machinery enterprises have to prepare for hardship. Relevant people from the China Machinery Industry Federation believe that the whole industry needs to enhance its sense of crisis, prepare for a tight life, consciously promote product innovation and speed up structural adjustment

insiders pointed out that this year, the overall situation of the domestic heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is still grim. At present, the constraints such as insufficient R & D investment in domestic high-end manufacturing, insufficient technical reserves, and unable to keep up with changes in domestic and foreign markets need to be eliminated

in fact, with the continuous expansion of industrial scale, the rapid development of high-tech and the increasing international competition, the equipment manufacturing industry will inevitably face the strategic transformation period of industrial pattern adjustment and industrial form transformation. Akro-plastic company 1 has been committed to independently developing plastic composite solutions. The understanding and operating ability of this process may determine the future survival state of the enterprise

every means to get rid of difficulties

the senior executives of China first heavy industry group said that this year, they should break the shackles of traditional thinking, make a breakthrough in transformation and upgrading, and go all out to ensure no loss

Erzhong reload launched a private placement plan of 5.072 billion yuan less than a year after it was listed, but it was questioned by the market for money, and eventually expired

Taiyuan Heavy Industry plans to issue 1billion yuan of short-term financing bonds after releasing performance losses. The funds raised by this part of short-term financing bills will be used to replace some bank borrowings

obviously, for most enterprises of the five large and medium-sized enterprises, blood transfusion is not only a stage need, it is best to continue. However, from the perspective of market performance, blood transfusion can not keep the company healthy, but make the enterprise have a serious dependence psychology and even inertia

in the face of the downturn in the securities market, on the one hand, enterprises are trying to solve their capital difficulties, on the other hand, they are also turning their attention to internal cost reduction and efficiency increase. Recently, the second heavy equipment officially launched the annual activity of the team cost reduction and efficiency increase project, which is regarded as an important supporting measure to achieve this year's business objectives

several companies have taken action in launching new products to stimulate the market. Last year, the giant heavy-duty forging operation equipment jointly developed by the first heavy industry group of China and Shanghai Jiaotong University was successfully developed. The forging of the sealing chamber for the coolant pump of the double reassembly Fuqing nuclear power project has also passed the user's joint inspection. Its mechanical properties, grain size and other indicators fully meet the requirements of the technical conditions, and it is qualified at one time, marking the success of the development of the largest nuclear power copper containing steel forging in China. CITIC Heavy Industries successfully developed the world's largest gearbox

in addition, efforts to expand the international market and actively promote the internationalization strategy have become an important means for the five major enterprises to cope with the weakness of the domestic market

the operation mode determines the future.

the overall plan for the development of machinery industry in the 12th Five Year Plan issued by the China Machinery Industry Federation proposes that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the machinery industry will focus on five key areas and implement five development strategies. The five key areas are: high-end equipment products, emerging industry equipment, machinery and equipment for people's livelihood, key basic products, basic processes and technologies. The five development strategies are: focusing on high-end, innovation driven, strengthening the foundation, integration of industrialization and industrialization, and green first

it should be said that the development mode of most state-owned enterprises in the heavy machinery industry is mainly to follow the demand generated by investment expansion. In the past 10 years, through the implementation of IPO, large-scale technological transformation investment of heavy machinery enterprises is quite common. Affected by the market downturn, the current operating rate is relatively low, resulting in a large waste of resources. The short-term prosperity effect brought by 4trillion yuan has made enterprises play a stronger role in stimulating capacity expansion, resulting in serious overcapacity on the whole, high asset liability ratio of enterprises, low contribution rate of total investment and low investment efficiency. The evaluation of insiders is that under the existing mechanism, state-owned enterprises are still unable to get rid of the fate of relying on national policies and fixed asset investment

in fact, the hardware level of the five major domestic heavy machinery companies is not inferior even compared with those famous foreign companies. However, in terms of software investment, there is a huge gap in the ability to provide customers with system solutions. When powerful processing workshops are useless in the face of changing markets and cannot receive processing fees, enterprises appear helpless

at present, the technical and social environment on which the equipment manufacturing industry operates, as well as the needs of customers, are undergoing profound changes. In the whole industrial process is complete. In the 2013 project, users' attention is not a single part of the project, but whether the overall project function meets the needs. In the industrial field, specialized system services have become a consumption trend, which requires enterprises to provide users with complete solutions and transform from host suppliers to complete service providers