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The 3I standard of successful print ads

for many domestic advertisers, the creation and evaluation of print ads are often subjective. Some place their hopes on the artistic expression of advertising creation and follow the feeling and beauty; Some take whether the picture of the print advertisement is attractive, whether the color is good-looking or whether it is "creative" as the main evaluation criteria and basis; Some judge a print advertisement only by the subjective experience or personal preferences of a few people. How to evaluate print advertising creation scientifically and comprehensively? DMB Xinli market research has been engaged in advertising research and consumer research for many years. On the basis of accumulating rich experience in advertising effect evaluation and research, it has established a systematic advertising effect evaluation and research model

dmb believes that a successful print advertisement is to quickly win the attention of readers in a short time and accurately recommend key points of interest to them. Both advertising content and form of expression are indispensable. Print advertising creation is usually measured by the "3I" standard. The so-called "3I" refers to three aspects: impact (impact), information (information content) and image (brand image):

the characteristics of Jinan gold testing universal testing machine, impact (impact):

from the perspective of visual performance, the visual effect is to attract readers and convey the interests of the product in their own language. A successful print advertisement should have a very strong attraction on the picture, the scientific use of color Reasonable collocation, accurate use of pictures and attractive. However, to avoid the abuse of visual effects to attract the attention of readers, the use of visual effects must make the advertising screen and advertising appeal content closely and organically combined

the title is also a key weapon to get readers' attention and convey interest letters. Recently, the team's achievements have been selected in the large-scale literature special edition of "scientific and technological innovation leads to surpassing development" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The title must be simple and clear, so that readers who are busy all day can quickly understand and understand it. The obscure title will lose the attention of a large number of readers, and the advertisement without the title will directly affect its recall rate and persuasion. DMB research shows that colorful theme slogans help to improve the attractiveness and recall rate of advertisements, and also help to improve the appeal effect of key interest points

second, information:

a successful print advertisement accurately conveys the key points of interest through simple, clear and clear information content. The content of advertising information should be able to systematically integrate the communication elements such as consumer demand points, interest points and support points. Don't let readers search for content hard. When readers need to spend a lot of energy to figure out what the advertisement "is talking about", the advertisement will lose a lot of readers; Print advertisements should not distract readers with redundant content. If advertisements pile up redundant content to distract readers, don't expect readers to take the initiative to explore the efficacy of your products, because they are not used to thinking too much extra

the function of the text is to support the interest points mentioned in the title through vivid description, and to deepen the readers' impression of advertising products through interest support information. It is an additional content. The advertising text should be clear and easy to read. If the length is increased by 2 π in phase, the compact and hard to read text will lose a large number of readers; Small illustrations and subtitles can enhance persuasion to a certain extent, but the more the better; Blank text is conducive to recall, but not conducive to convincing readers; Humorous expression can enhance the freshness and entertainment of advertisements so as to improve the recall rate, but it can not be abused, let alone used as the creative goal of print advertisements

III. image:

from the perspective of brand positioning strategy, a successful print advertising image should conform to stable and unified brand personality and brand positioning strategy; The style and overall performance of different advertising versions under the same publicity theme should be consistent and consistent

the evaluation of advertising creation should be based on the perspective of readers, understand their true feelings about advertising, put aside the professional perspective, and return to the origin for analysis. The love of a few people or the cost of creativity can never be used as a standard to evaluate the success of an advertisement. An advertisement may be perfect from a professional point of view, but it may not be acceptable and understandable to readers. (end)

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