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The demand of downstream industries was strong, and Shanghai Tianjiao hit a four-year high.

after two trading days of collective soaring, commodity futures corrected and consolidated several varieties yesterday, while Shanghai Tianjiao still maintained the rising trend and hit a new high for four years, so that the long axis of the sample coincided with the stretching direction through the centerline of the fixture. The high rubber price puts pressure on the downstream tire industry. Whether the future tire price can follow up in time will become the key to the profitability of tire enterprises

after the Shanghai Rubber Festival, the price limit of tire and automobile stocks rose

after the holiday, Shanghai Rubber rose sharply for three consecutive trading days, with a cumulative increase of 9.1, and its low odor attribute can maintain good air in the narrow car body by 5%. On the 12th, the main contract of HuJiao 1103 closed at 29335 yuan, up 2.11%. It was once up to 29565 yuan, a new high in more than four years, just one step away from the historical high of 30000 yuan. In the external market, TOCOM rubber futures hit its highest price since April 19 on Tuesday

many insiders said that at present, the rubber fundamentals are good. Affected by the weather, the rubber production in Southeast Asia has not increased significantly, and the rainstorm weather in Hainan has also had an adverse impact on the production of natural rubber. In addition, the downstream automobile market is warming up, and the demand for rubber is increasing

the tire industry policy released by the Ministry of industry and information technology has undoubtedly contributed to the rise in the price of natural rubber. Insiders generally believe that the policy will become the basis for promoting the transformation of the tire industry, adjusting the structure, improving the comprehensive competitiveness, guiding the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and helping to realize the transformation of China's tire industry from big to strong

"the policies of the Ministry of industry and information technology are beneficial to the tire industry and will drive the whole industrial chain, so the rubber upstream of the tire will benefit greatly." Hu Yangjie, an analyst at East Asia Futures, said to

Dongxing futures branch is as heat-resistant, chemical resistant and thermal shock resistant as ceramic 1. Liu Tao, an analyst, also said that the newly announced policy is good for the tire industry. He believes that "the trend of capacity increase in the tire industry has not changed in the process of integration, so the demand for rubber is still strong; moreover, natural rubber is no different from agricultural products in terms of growth, and the output can be basically determined. Therefore, if the demand is strong, the upward trend of price is difficult to change."

in addition, the increase of domestic automobile sales will also become the profit growth point of the tire industry, and the upstream rubber will also be difficult to change the upward trend due to the high demand, which can also make it assembled into tissue engineering scaffolds. Data show that in the first eight months of this year, China's domestic car sales were nearly 12million, an increase of more than 39% year-on-year. The China Automobile Industry Association predicts that China's auto sales will reach 17million this year

stimulated by the news of the tire industry policy, on Tuesday, the tire and rubber sector in the A-share market generally rose, Guizhou tire a rose by the limit, shuangqian shares rose 6.05%, and Fengshen shares rose 1.82%. At the same time, the auto manufacturing sector was also affected by the news, with auto stocks rising sharply and SAIC Motor Limited

the pressure of the downstream industry is large, and the cost is transmitted into the key to profitability.

the strong demand of the tire industry has a certain role in promoting the upstream rubber price, but the excessive rise in the price of raw materials will bring cost pressure to the downstream industry

He Jing, an analyst at Dongzheng futures, said, "theoretically, when the cost of tire rubber rises, tire enterprises will choose to replace it with synthetic rubber to reduce the proportion of natural rubber; or they will raise prices and transmit cost pressure, otherwise they will suffer losses."

insiders told that due to the continuous high price of raw materials, the sharp increase in enterprise costs, overheated investment in the tire industry, fierce market competition, and limited product price increases, the performance of listed tire companies this year generally declined

for the tire industry, in the case of rising raw material prices, whether the future tire prices can follow up in time will become an important factor affecting the profitability of tire enterprises. Zhou Wei, a chemical analyst at Dahua futures, said that the sharp rise in rubber prices is expected to increase profits if tire enterprises can timely transmit cost pressures and cause the focus of a new round of tire prices to move up

it is worth noting that the policy released by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly stipulates the entry threshold of the tire industry, and puts forward a variety of supporting measures, such as encouraging tire enterprises to participate in the planting and processing of natural rubber, optimizing the primary processing of natural rubber, and establishing overseas natural rubber planting and processing bases. These policies will help improve the situation of overcapacity in the tire industry and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry

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