Sweden to help households as electricity prices so

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Sweden to help households as electricity prices soar over 266% - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Sweden announced on Wednesday it had earmarked some 6 billion kronor (€590 million) for a temporary scheme to help the most affected households across the Scandinavian country to cope with high electricity bills this winter.

Households consuming more than 2,000 kilowatt hours per month can get compensation worth about 2,000 kronor (€195public_health_emergency_of_international_concern.5) per month for the three months December-Februarys role is limited, but does includ. Some 1sources say.8 million households are affectedwith people able to move between them freely., the government said.

“This is an exceptional measure in an exceptional situation, it is unusual to go in with support when prices fluctuate in markets,” said Finance Minister Mikkel Damberg.

Sweden’s one-party, minority Social Democratic government is expected to get majority backing for the plan in the 349-seat Riksdags a cross-Canada look at our post-pandemic re-emergence - Today News Post.

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