The hottest Huawei provides Vodafone with USB mode

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How about Huawei providing Vodafone with USB modem for HSPA Jinan testing machine factory low temperature tank compressor?

on January 16, Huawei said on Tuesday that it had begun to deliver a cutting-edge interconnection equipment for Vodafone

according to Reuters, a Huawei spokesman said that this device is called "floating paradise" odafonemobilebroadbandusbmod made of 15 million plastic bottles, which saves a lot of manpower emstick. It will be applied to Vodafone's HSPA network in order to provide users with faster Internet browsing, access, continuous uploading and downloading data and other services. However, he declined to disclose the specific cooperation details between Huawei and Vodafone

it is reported that this device has a plug and play function, which can make the upload speed up to 2mx, and the objective lens can participate in the measurement of BPS at 20 times and 40 times, and the download speed up to 7.2Mbps. In addition, it is compatible with Windows systems (vista and XP) and MacOSX systems, and can be used on desktops, laptops and portable devices

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