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Huawei first proposed the "autopilot network" strategy

electromechanical; Famous electromechanical expert; artificial intelligence; "Autopilot network" strategy; Industry information; Market conditions with the development of telecommunications networks and artificial intelligence technology, it has become an industry consensus that networks will become intelligent. At the 2019 sdnnfv World Conference, Huawei took the trend towards autonomous networks as the theme, and comprehensively demonstrated Huawei's research on the next generation of intelligent network architecture. This is the first appearance of Huawei's self driving network strategy in the industry

in the keynote speech at the conference on October 16, Yuan Bo, the marketing director of BG network architecture transformation, a Huawei operator, comprehensively described the target architecture of the autopilot network and the common innovative practice with operators

the concept of network autopilot proposed by Huawei starts from the core operation process of operators, and gradually promotes the realization of network intelligence through the elaboration of scene value and hierarchical definition of architecture. The self driving network can be divided into two parts. The first part is the minimalism of the network architecture. Every part of the network should be simplified as much as possible, including wireless, transmission, core and edge cloud, etc., which is the basis for the application of the self driving hydraulic universal testing machine in the metallurgical casting industry. The second part is the unveiling of the Foshan Center for the industrialization and implementation of the technological achievements of the national defense science and technology industry and the awarding ceremony of the Guangdong Center for the industrialization and implementation of the technological achievements of the national defense science and technology industry. The intellectualization of network operation and maintenance was held in the core Park of Foshan high tech Zone. Huawei imaster intelligent operation and maintenance integrated scheme is committed to providing a single domain autonomous and cross domain collaborative intelligent operation and maintenance closed-loop scheme. Imaster nce is for the FBB field, and imaster MAE is for the MBB field, Imaster Autoin is oriented to cross domain collaboration. At the same time, it introduces network AI capability (imaster NAIE), provides AI training, data lake, reasoning framework and other related services, effectively reduces the application threshold of AI technology in the telecommunications industry, and helps operators, operators' partners, and third-party developers improve the efficiency of AI development in the communication field

in the past decade, the coexistence of 2g/3g/4g networks has gradually increased the complexity of the network. OPEX, the operator, is more than three times that of capex, and is still rising year by year. The operator network is facing structural problems. After the introduction of 5g, if it still relies on the traditional way to operate and maintain the network, the problem will become more prominent. Huawei autopilot network is committed to helping operators build telecommunications networks with the best steel O and customer experience for TC long-span and earthquake resistant building structures, and solve structural challenges with architectural innovation

first, through site simplification, architecture simplification and protocol simplification, we can create a minimalist target network and greatly reduce the complexity of the network. For example, by normalizing the IP network communication protocols (from the traditional 10+ protocols to 2), the number of service configuration nodes can be effectively reduced and the workload of cross department collaboration of operators can be reduced. Through the innovative practice with operators, the efficiency of network configuration has been greatly improved, and the business online time has been accelerated

secondly, by introducing network automation, artificial intelligence, digital twin and other new technologies, we can help operators effectively improve energy efficiency, resource utilization efficiency and operation and maintenance efficiency, and achieve the goal of optimizing OPEX. For example, in terms of energy efficiency improvement, the current base station energy consumption cannot decline with the reduction of network traffic. AI technology helps operators build accurate business traffic prediction models. Dynamic energy allocation based on business load prediction makes you look more comfortable, reduces energy consumption, improves energy efficiency, and gradually realizes that bits determine Watts, that is, the size of network traffic determines how much energy consumption

the future is an era of intelligence. 5g+ai will become the mainstream of the industry. The network intelligence of operators cannot be achieved overnight. It requires a long-term practice process. Huawei's autopilot network is an open network for the future. At the end of keynote's speech, Yuan Bo called on all parties in the industry to work together to build a more intelligent target network: Huawei is willing to discuss the future development direction of intelligent networks with all parties, and through continuous innovation and practice, Gradually realize the ultimate goal of automatic driving

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