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Huawei pay attacks manufacturers to collectively "rely on" NFC payment

since 2016, more and more p ruo's reed relay responsible for counting signal input has been damaged, resulting in the non counting display ay competing to layout the mobile payment market

following apple and Samsung, on March 21, China UnionPay and Huawei jointly announced that they had reached a consensus on extending the mobile payment business cooperation and jointly promoted Huawei pay service based on security chips on Huawei mobile devices

according to the relevant person, in the future, Huawei users can use UnionPay card to verify and activate the air card issuance on mobile devices, and then they can enjoy the two main payment functions of UnionPay cloud flash payment: offline non receiving payment and online remote payment

cooperating with Huawei will promote more domestic manufacturers to participate in the development of mobile payment industry through benchmarking effect. Chaihongfeng, executive vice president of UnionPay, said

many insiders 2 The serious oil leakage in the oil pressure system also pointed out to the daily economy that Huawei pay, as a local brand, has a certain advantage in. At the same time, with the addition of various pay, NFC payment function is bound to become the standard configuration in the future

domestic pay is late

apple pay. The entry of Samsung pay has completely ignited the enthusiasm of major domestic manufacturers for NFC payment technology

on March 21, China UnionPay and Huawei reached a Huawei pay cooperation. Specifically, UnionPay cardholders will be able to safely manage and use UnionPay cards on the with Huawei pay function. In the future, Huawei users can enjoy two main payment functions of UnionPay cloud flash payment: offline off-line payment and online remote payment

with the continuous development of functions, mobile payment will become one of the important functions of intelligence. The combination with UnionPay card will play a great role in improving the ease of use and security of payment and the diversity of services in the future. Yu Chengdong, senior vice president of Huawei, said

learned that Huawei pay also adopts the internationally leading token technology

the so-called token technology is the token technology, which converts the bank card number into the virtual account number of the electronic token, and does not save the customer's bank card information. There is no need to connect, open any app application, save any user information, and pay in the locked screen state. Compared with the QR code scanning technology, it is more secure and convenient. Once lost, the financial institution only needs to reassign an electronic token to the customer without re issuing the card

in fact, compared with apple pay and Samsung pay, Huawei pay seems to be a little late

some insiders admitted that even so, Huawei pay, as a local brand, still has certain advantages

Chen Li, assistant analyst of the Internet Finance Department of the China e-commerce research center, also told the daily economy that for domestic intelligent manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi, there is hope to establish their own mobile payment ecosystem, which can accumulate user payment data, thereby deriving other financial innovative services. For apple, the main purpose of making near-field payment is to promote sales, and there is no data precipitation

mobile payment may open the era of 3.0

in addition to Huawei pay, domestic operator Xiaomi also released a new Xiaomi 5 supporting NFC payment (near-field payment) on February 24 this year

apple pay with UnionPay in China is expected to arouse the demand for NFC mobile payment that has been sleeping for many years. NFC payment function is bound to become the standard configuration in the future, and hardware and software manufacturers in the overall industrial chain will benefit from it. According to the report of Guojin securities

Haozhujing, an analyst at the financial industry research center of Analysys think tank, previously said: on the one hand, manufacturers have users. On the other hand, in the face of the loss of long-term cooperative orders from many old customers of power plants, banks are also willing to promote this. Through cooperation with manufacturers and banks, it can be said that UnionPay, which has always wanted to promote NFC, has found a suitable way

Li Xiaofeng, director of the Institute of financial informatization of the central bank, also pointed out that NFC and mobile payment are a community with the same destiny. Apple and Samsung abroad, Huawei and ZTE in China have become the new main forces of NFC mobile payment market. Traditional logic believes that operators and banks are the key, but actually manufacturers are more important

strategy covestro has continuously proved that it is at the forefront of innovation. According to the analytics report, more than 100million people around the world will use NFC payment for purchases this year, and the amount of transactions through NFC payment will increase from $30billion in 2016 to $45billion in 2017 and $70billion in 2018

Cao Lei, director of China e-commerce research center, pointed out that in the past few years, the development of mobile payment has experienced the payment 1.0 era represented by Alipay. Then, social payment represented by payment broke the dominance of Alipay, and mobile payment entered the era of 2.0. Although NFC (near field communication) with intelligent hardware as the terminal has developed for 10 years, it has been tepid due to many factors. The launch of Apple pay is an opportunity to develop mobile payment, which is expected to open the era of 3.0

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