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Huawei officially launched the "walk into Huawei CXO Salon" activity. On December 27, Huawei announced that it officially launched the walk into Huawei CXO salon activity, inviting colleagues in global enterprise informatization construction to walk into Huawei, share Huawei's own ICT construction experience, and experience Huawei's own information construction achievements

nowadays, ICT integration reform continues to deepen. Under the general trend of cloud computing, mobility and it consumerization, traditional it and CT are undergoing fundamental changes, and the ICT era has arrived. For the CIO of an enterprise, how to use new technologies to bring greater value to the enterprise under the new trend has become the primary consideration. Taking customers as the center is Huawei's corporate culture. Huawei has been thinking about how to provide customers with better ICT integration solutions

the CXO salon launched by Huawei this time aims to invite CIOs and CEOs from all industries around the world to enter Huawei in the form of a salon to investigate the desktop cloud, data center, production and office informatization applications used in Huawei's production environment; Have a discussion with Huawei experts in the field of process and it, discuss the technology used in Huawei ICT construction, and share Huawei ICT operation and maintenance management experience; Listen to the suggestions of CXOs in the industry, deeply discuss the trends, challenges and Countermeasures of ICT construction in the future, and jointly promote the process of enterprise globalization and social informatization construction

Huawei is a global company with professional knowledge and innovation ability, and more than 70% of its revenue comes from overseas; At present, Huawei serves more than 140 countries and regions around the world, and a total of 2billion users are enjoying the technical services provided by Huawei. Huawei's enterprise business is mainly focused on ICT pipelines and value industries. With the concept of open cooperation, it serves all walks of life in an integrated way and has a wide range of customers in the high-end utilization field

Mr. Zhou Liangjun, vice president of Huawei enterprise business marketing and solutions department and former CIO of Huawei

the construction of Huawei's internal processes and it systems plays a vital role in Huawei's growth into one of the world's top 500 multinational enterprises. The construction and development of the company's IT system has supported Huawei's growth from small to large, from local to global. At different stages of Huawei's development, it construction also faces different tasks and challenges. Zhou Liangjun, vice president of Huawei enterprise business marketing and solutions department and former CIO of Huawei, said: Huawei has accumulated rich experience and lessons along the way, forming the core concept and architecture of Huawei's process and it development. Huawei is very willing to share these experiences and lessons, and discuss with you the enterprise IT strategy and enterprise information construction methods, so that it construction can better support business operations and enterprise development, and comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise compared with the same period last year. At the same time, Huawei is also looking forward to hearing your valuable opinions on the development of our enterprise business and making progress together

at present, the CXO salon in Huawei has been in trial operation for nearly half a year, and has been welcomed and concerned by CXOs from enterprises in all walks of life. It has received nearly 100 guests from enterprises in the fields of government and public utilities, electricity, automobiles, finance, media and other fields

Zhang Jingsheng, CIO of GAC Fiat, participated in the CXO Salon of Huawei and made a speech.

CXOs visited Huawei base

it is a great honor to have the opportunity to visit Huawei, especially to learn from Huawei's IT construction experience and discuss the future construction of ICT in large enterprises to control electromagnetic interference in a very small range. Nathalie andrieux, group director in charge of informatization construction of France post, said: at present, the postal business is facing great challenges, and it informatization technology must be used as soon as possible to help the business change successfully, such as the promotion of cloud computing, intelligent mobile terminals, unified communication systems, etc. on postal savings and express business. The challenge of the informatization construction of France post is how to improve the efficiency of it operation and reduce the overall TCO on the premise of promoting the growth of business income. Choosing the best strategic partner is one of the keys to achieve this strategic goal

it is understood that entering the CXO Salon of Huawei is expected to organize two events per month, and the one-day visit itinerary of each event will be set:

first, participate in the discussion of Huawei ICT construction and management experience, excavate the pain points of enterprise informatization management, and select materials with low emission characteristics is only the first step to ensure the air quality in the vehicle, and deeply explore the value and help of each stage of enterprise ICT construction to the actual business operation

II. Visit Huawei data center, desktop cloud model site, collaborative office model site, enterprise business exhibition hall and production office park to understand Huawei ICT construction process and Huawei IT platform deployment architecture

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