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Huawei Ping'an City solution protects Jixi Ping'an

in the summer of 2016, Jiguan District, Jixi City. Xiao Wang Longxiang opened the door of his shop as usual, and his business was as prosperous as before. He was busy. Suddenly, Xiao Wang received a short message: write all kinds of invoices in Heilongjiang Province on behalf of him. Contact: 139xxxxx, manager Zhao. Xiao Wang is wondering: the daily turnover of his snack bar is only 800 yuan, and the invoice is rich. This generation of invoice makers are really good. How do you know my contact information

what Xiao Wang didn't know, however, was that two blocks away from his snack bar, a black car was driving slowly, and its appearance was no different from that of an ordinary private car, but suddenly the private car accelerated, forced to merge and turn left, grabbed the end of a green light, and galloped away; At the same time, the sirens were made, and the two police cars followed the private car route, biting the shadow of the black private car body and pressing closer step by step.; With the continuous approaching of police cars, the travel routes of private cars are becoming less and less. At the same time, it is found that the pursuit of police cars is becoming more and more dense, and it seems that the routes that can be taken are blocked. Finally, after more than an hour of blocking, these two black private cars were forced to stop near an unfinished small district in Jixi City

it turns out that these two black private cars actually carry a legendary pseudo base station!! The suspect in the car sent a large number of spam messages to the citizens through the pseudo base station. Once the citizens believed the content of the message and contacted the suspect, the suspect would cheat by inducement. How did the suspect find the suspect and complete the positioning of the vehicle involved in the case and arrest him when he camouflaged the pseudo base station through his private car

a few weeks before the arrest, Jixi Public Security Bureau received reports one after another, all of which were related to spam messages and citizens' fraud. Through case filing and analysis, Jixi Municipal Bureau believed that such a large number of centralized reports must be fraudsters fleeing to Jixi and committing fraud through pseudo base stations. However, the mobility of the pseudo base station crime, the location of the crime is not fixed, and it usually drives a motor vehicle, which makes it difficult to solve the case suddenly

but how did the police of the Municipal Bureau succeed in arresting the suspects, such as bagasse? It turned out that Jixi Municipal Bureau found that the suspect had a certain route rule when he committed the crime on the move through the clues of the location of the crime provided by the reporter, combined with the time point of receiving the spam message.; Therefore, the police handling the case used the built Jixi Ping'an City video monitoring system to search and locate, and finally locked the suspected vehicle through the cross comparison of time, location and passing vehicles.; In the process of arrest, the leaders of Jixi Municipal Bureau used the real-time picture information of the city's cameras to dispatch and command, made full use of the key information of video surveillance to dispatch the police car, locked the route of the suspect's vehicle, and successfully implemented the arrest. Afterwards, the staff of Jixi Municipal Bureau were full of praise for the timely response of the monitoring system: the video monitoring system helped us quickly locate the suspect's vehicle, and deployed the police force in advance of the annual tax payment of about 100million yuan during the arrest process, successfully completing the arrest

Jixi City completed the second phase of the construction of safe city in 2015, using Huawei cloud monitoring system, which realizes the unified access, transfer, rapid retrieval, license plate capture and other functions of camera points in Jixi City.; The efficiency and stability of Huawei's cloud monitoring system have also contributed to ensuring the property safety of the people in Jixi City!! In addition, Huawei Ping An City solution has served 30+ countries, 100+ cities and 400million people

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