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Huawei ocean's second-generation repeaters and branches were successfully tested in the Atlantic Ocean

rigorous deep-water and shallow water tests verified the high reliability of submarine cable communication solutions

Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (Huawei ocean), the global supplier of submarine cable solutions, announced on the 14th that the second-generation submarine line repeater RPT 1660 and the second-generation submarine line branch Bu 1650 were successfully tested in the sea

this sea trial used the flagship ship cable innovator of the parent company global marine systems Ltd. (Global Marine Systems Ltd.), which was carried out in the Portuguese waters of the Atlantic Ocean in November 2014 for a period of 30 days, during which extreme winter weather occurred

the sea trial includes 5100 meter water depth test without armor for repeaters, 1000 meter water depth test with armor, and 4000 meter water depth test for branches. Both repeaters and branches are designed with high reliability to ensure the adaptability to the water depth of 8000 meters

Huawei ocean invited Dr. Jerry Brown, a senior consultant in the field of submarine cable and repeater design, to witness the sea trial process and issue an independent expert report. I am very happy to participate in this sea trial. Jerry Brown said: Huawei ocean's second-generation repeaters and branchers are made of titanium alloy, with a solid mechanical structure. They have shown the characteristics of easy construction and excellent photoelectric performance in the sea trial

rpt 1660 R2 can provide a loopback channel of detection light, which is used to accurately locate the fault location in the submarine cable system. It can accommodate up to 6 fiber pair systems, and provides a unique 4-4 pump protection architecture, which further improves its reliability and performance by meeting national and international relevant standards. The design improvements also include improved sealing and internal environmental management through glass sealing technology, metal sealing technology and hydrogen absorption technology. In addition, the slender shape of the compression cylinder and the design of the universal joint also enable it to be directly laid and ploughed, thus eliminating the need for post impact burial and significantly reducing the construction cost

bu 1650 R2 integrates 5 When adjusting the speed range, 1 must cut off the optical fiber pairs of the power supply and branch to different routes to realize the business connection between multiple sites. Each port can support up to 8 fiber pairs. The electric switching function of two-way power supply and remote command control provides necessary conditions for the normal operation and maintenance of the submarine cable system. Even if the submarine cable fails, the system can still maintain normal operation. The design of remote grounding electrode with bidirectional power supply further improves the flexibility of system power supply

the second generation of submarine cable repeaters and branches are made of titanium alloy, which is small in size, light in weight, high in strength, and has strong compressive capacity and corrosion resistance

Mr. zhangshigui, vice president of technology of Huawei ocean, said: Huawei ocean has been committed to technological innovation to meet the needs of customers to save costs while improving network capacity, the elongation at break of General PE is 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low density polyethylene LLDPE is higher) and reliability. The second generation repeaters and branchers are based on the successful development of the first generation products, which is a proof of Huawei's marine innovation ability. Their commercial significance has been confirmed in the industry

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