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Huawei participated in the National Radio and television show to promote the world's first 6-layer HD media cloud

at the National Radio and television show 2015 (NAB 2015), Huawei and its industry-leading partner SOBE jointly demonstrated the world's first all media cloud that supports 6-layer HD video concurrency and the industry's first horizontally scalable storage solution that meets 6-layer 4K UHD video production, Share with media industry experts around the world how to better cope with the trend of mobile and ultra-high definition program production

ctiforum news on May 5 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, appeared at the world's largest and most influential professional exhibition of the radio and television industry, the National Radio and television equipment exhibition (NAB 2015). This is the fourth consecutive year since the first exhibition in 2012 to share its latest values and technological achievements with radio and television experts around the world at the NAB event. This year, following the enterprise market innovation ICT, Huawei has jointly built a global connection theme and combined it with content production, one of the key topics of nab2015. Together with industry-leading partner SOBE digital, Huawei has jointly demonstrated the world's first all media cloud that supports 6-layer HD video concurrency and the industry's first storage solution that meets 6-layer 4K UHD video production, helping customers in the global media industry better cope with the mobile production of programs Ultra HD trend

Huawei participated in the National Radio and television show and launched the world's first 6-layer high-definition media cloud

to break through technical barriers. Huawei showed the world's first high-definition 6-layer video all media cloud

events all the time, especially the timeliness of the business characteristics, requiring the ability to produce programs anytime, anywhere. Cloud computing can meet this demand and has become the focus of the radio and television industry. However, due to the special scene requirements of program production, such as smooth video experience (meeting 25 frames per second), in station production is 120mbps high-definition code stream, and GPU board is required for program synthesis and rendering. At present, video based on cloud computing cannot fully meet the needs of customers in terms of video clarity and fluency. Most manufacturers can only support 4-layer concurrency of HD video. Huawei builds a business defined hybrid cloud IT infrastructure based on the cloud platform ability of Shanxi Aluminum filter material company, which has been intensively prepared for a short period of one month, and measures the smoothness of materials. The scheme adopts the unique hdp+ self-developed desktop protocol, and has made many protocol optimizations for the video production scene. Everyone should carefully understand the technology, cooperate with the combination of GPU direct and virtualization technology, and integrate the data storage management of full service flow, so as to realize the world's first 6-layer HD video concurrency, and be compatible with openstack and other public clouds. In this nab, Huawei will move the full business process environment of real-time acquisition, editing and broadcasting to the exhibition site to reproduce the production and broadcasting of all media content anytime and anywhere, so that customers can experience the smooth and convenient production and broadcasting experience brought by cloud computing technology on site

continuous optimization and innovation, the world's fastest horizontal expansion storage opens a new era of 4K production

the exhibition site, with Huawei oceanstor 9000 distributed NAS storage system and 4K ultra-high definition video production solution built based on ENP chip agile network, also earned attention. The oceanstor 9000 storage system released at cebit2015 exhibition in March can support 6-layer 4K Ultra HD video of a single workstation through its unique etrbo Ultra HD video acceleration technology and its single node bandwidth of 1.6gbps, and has the horizontal expansion ability of 288 nodes; 60 Pb super large capacity of large-scale conditioning system to achieve experimental speed, and a single system can revitalize 350000 hours of 4K media assets. Aiming at the problem of congestion and frame loss when dragging or browsing multi-layer video at the non editing workstation at the same time, the scheme adopts s12700 series of agile network switch based on business flow, which can reduce the frame loss rate by 90% and realize smoother ultra-high definition video

deepening industrial cooperation and serving the radio and television industry with innovative ICT

focusing and being integrated is Huawei's consistent strategy in the enterprise market. With the globalization platform and excellent innovation ability, Huawei, based on the open ICT infrastructure platform, jointly innovates with the industry's mainstream upper tier application software providers and regional mainstream integrators, optimizes the industry scenario, provides solutions to meet different business needs for customers in the radio and television industry, and helps customers get the first chance in the market competition. For example, Huawei cooperates with Chengdu Sobey Digital Co., Ltd. (Sobey), a program production software provider with a 70% market share in China's Radio and television market, to launch an all media HD production cloud solution. Aiming at the special requirements of video production, such as high bitstream and high security, this scheme deeply optimizes the characteristics of GPU virtualization and storage migration, and helps Shenzhen radio and television to improve the effectiveness, capacity and platform sharing capacity of production by more than 50%

up to now, Huawei's media industry solutions have been successfully applied to more than 1000 world-famous television stations and film and television institutions, such as Phoenix Satellite TV, Hong Kong wireless television, France lighting entertainment, India Tata sky, China Central Television, Beijing Television and Shenzhen radio and television group, to improve their business agility and operational efficiency

looking forward to the future, Huawei will take a more open, cooperative and win-win attitude, actively cooperate with more integrators and ISVs around the world, and use its technical advantages in cloud computing, big data and IP networks to help more and more media industry customers achieve business take-off in the all media era

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