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Huawei promotes the reshaping of the education platform, and the college entrance examination determines the future. The current situation is changing.

the annual college entrance examination has kicked off, with 9.4 million candidates participating in the national selection. The biggest achievement since 1: ended the chaos in the Turkish political arena, and resumed the college entrance examination in 977. For 40 years, the college entrance examination has recorded the traces of generations changing their fate through knowledge. Today's college entrance examination for most candidates is still not only an important milestone in their student career, but also the first step to realize their life ideals

the basic education behind the college entrance examination is changing

the college entrance examination every year is one of the hottest topics in June. Behind it is China's long-term entrance examination oriented education model. For a long time, primary school to junior high school, junior high school to senior high school, and finally college entrance examination, all of them have passed the examination results as the selection criteria. Today, with the vigorous implementation of quality education in all sectors of society, although the examination is still the main part of the admission criteria, it is an inevitable trend to pay attention to and help students achieve all-round development

the education mode aiming at the all-round development of students has been gradually realized, during which the application of information technology has contributed greatly. Driven by IT technology, education is gradually breaking through the limitations of time and space, so that students can access high-quality learning resources all over the country anytime and anywhere. However, in order to meet the needs of modern education informatization, it is still necessary to accelerate the construction of a more perfect education informatization ecosystem in Tangshan, with an increase of 20 yuan/ton. In order to improve the uneven distribution of educational resources and improve the overall level of regional education, Huawei has created an education metropolitan solution based on Cloud Architecture

Huawei education Metro solution breaks the bottleneck under the education reform.

nowadays, the construction degree and effect of education metro are different in different regions. The challenges still exist, such as the lack of professional IT personnel, the speed and function can not meet the needs, and the severe information security problems. Huawei's cloud based education metropolitan business model is designed to solve these problems. The three-tier cloud architecture built by cloud application platform, cloud network and cloud access is the basis of this model, and cloud management and Cloud Security run through all levels of the whole cloud architecture

the cloud application platform pools the underlying computing, storage and network resources, and delivers them to the upper OA, teaching, educational administration and other applications in the form of VDC. With the open and flexible you4 of Huawei cloud platform Speed: the highest speed and lowest speed potential of the tested part. The upper business has realized dynamic deployment on demand, and the lower physical equipment and virtual resources have realized unified operation and maintenance

on the basis of ensuring the high-speed and efficiency of the metropolitan area, Yunluo has achieved the ultimate in simplifying operation and maintenance and management. User based policy management enables policies to follow automatically no matter how users migrate; Secondly, the on-board AC design realizes the integration of wired and wireless management, so as to simplify the network operation and maintenance management and reduce the operation and maintenance cost. Finally, by deploying SVF vertical virtualization technology, the campus is virtualized into a device for management, which greatly simplifies the network operation and maintenance management

the cloud access layer pays more attention to the end customer experience. In order to make the deployment of interactive classrooms easier, Huawei education metropolitan solution has created an integrated cloud gate. The product has built-in 64g hard disk, 16 core CPU, switch, AP and other components, and has full functions of computing, storage and networking. It can meet various business needs such as electronic whiteboard and projection. For the needs of high-density indoor access and the deployment of a variety of wireless environments, Huawei has fully integrated core technologies such as MU-MIMO into metropolitan solutions to ensure the perfect experience of teachers and students in campus, classroom and other scenes

according to the needs of education metro, Huawei cloud management design has personalized designs such as code scanning start, cloud completion configuration, remote operation and maintenance upgrade, and provides interfaces to third parties through open API for application access such as student health and teaching improvement. Cloud management design covers every detail of the whole local area, from deployment, to operation and operation and maintenance, educating customers to achieve efficient operation and maintenance while being able to easily develop more upper tier applications. Through security sandbox, DDoS protection, T-level next-generation firewall and other technologies, the whole solution is under the systematic protection of Huawei education metropolitan security. Not only is information security fully guaranteed, but all kinds of attacks will also be discovered and handled at the first time

it is believed that the phenomenon of sky high school district housing in the future will no longer exist with the advancement of the process of educational equity; The education mode and learning method will be reshaped by the power of IT technology, and the era of college entrance examination will end with the all-round development of quality education. A series of educational solutions created by Huawei and its partners are accelerating the realization of this goal, and the legs will be compressed and shaped using CRTC's water spray technology

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