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Huawei pengzhongyang: build a new digital paradigm and create new values in the industry

2020 is an extraordinary year. There have been some new changes in thousands of industries, new values are constantly being created, and a new digital paradigm is taking shape

the turning point of digitalization has arrived, and industrial innovation is accelerating.

2020 is a special intersection period of rapid technological development and industrial change, pregnant with a large number of opportunities. Online modes such as distance education, telemedicine and live delivery are popular. Huawei has completed customer exchanges and signed orders on the cloud. Digitalization makes various scene innovations emerge in endlessly

over the years, the development of AI, IOT and cloud computing has accumulated huge energy. Great social changes have also stimulated new demand. The two wheel drive of technology and demand promotes the rapid development of society. All walks of life are exploring the power of survival, exploration and development in the digital world

the value potential of qianhang Baiye is in every business scenario

facing the future, digital transformation will release great value potential in qianhang Baiye, and these value potentials are contained in business innovation scenarios

determining business scenarios from customer strategies and business pain points is the source and starting point of digitalization. Connecting one scenario to another digitally constitutes industry digitalization, which can aim at customer problems and generate value

to realize the digitalization of scenes mainly depends on three key elements: first, there is technology, and we should be good at integrating a variety of ICT technologies with core businesses; Secondly, understand the industry, fear the industry, and have a deep insight into the industry; Finally, it is real practice. The digitalization of scenes is not on paper, but a combination of knowledge and practice. In practice, most of them belong to small and medium-sized enterprises to explore and create

5-machine collaboration opens up infinite possibilities

2020, with the completion of large-scale deployment of 5g in the world, the five technologies and five opportunities of connectivity, cloud, AI, computing and industrial application will converge unprecedentedly. The communication network realizes the connection between people; In the new digital era, through the collaboration of five machines: connection, cloud, computing, AI and application, we can realize the omni-directional and multi-level connection of people, things and information. At the same time, the five machines are also connected to the business scenario of thousands of industries, constantly broadening the traditional boundaries of the industry and opening up infinite possibilities

in the coal industry, Huawei's five machine collaboration has built a solid foundation for the digital transformation of the industry. Huawei aims at the transformation of more than 10 business scenarios of 2 +5 streams in coal mines. By digitizing the mine infrastructure, it has achieved digital twins and promoted the digitalization and intellectualization of the whole business of the mine. Massive data flow has replaced the shuttle between the well and underground of many people. AI drives the machine to dig coal more intelligently, realizing the remote control on the well, doubling the labor efficiency, and making it more safe and controllable

know how to innovate, dig deep into the scene,

make qianhang Baiye a better self

industry digital transformation is not to subvert the industry, but to make the industry a better self. We should have a deep insight into the laws of the industry and respect the industry experience and know-how. We should find people who understand the industry, let industry experts sit in the cockpit, and through the integration and innovation of technology and business, let the core competitiveness of enterprises bloom, and finally realize the strength in the new dimension

there is a famous malanshan video cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Changsha, beside the beautiful eighth bend of Liuyang River. Here, great changes have taken place in the way of program production. During production, the number of live cameras exceeded 150, and the amount of data generated by a single episode was as high as 150tb, 15 times that of traditional programs. Artists are eager to change the traditional methods of single person editing, manual copying and serial production. Huawei, together with customers and ecological partners, has jointly created a film and television industry cloud platform, which optimizes the whole process of acquisition, editing, broadcasting, storage and transmission, realizing more speed, better economy and full cloud access. The production cycle can be shortened by 30% and the production cost can be reduced by 20%

Huawei's more practice in many industries shows that customers understand the future of the industry better. Huawei has the technology and ability to accelerate the present of the industry and support customers to move from the present to the future in the process of tightening

from scenario practice to exploring and creating the future

digital transformation is easier said than done. Huawei has accumulated some valuable experience in its own practice. In the past, Huawei's Dongguan logistics park was prone to warehouse explosion during the business peak in June and December every year, and the operators were full of goods, which was inefficient and prone to make mistakes in their busy schedules. In 2018, the company began to transform, develop automatic equipment and intelligent algorithms, realize the synchronization of perception in the three fields of equipment application on the operation site, and realize the transformation from people looking for goods to arrival looking for people. The efficiency of per capita delivery sets has increased by 67%, and the supply cycle has been shortened by 50%

in the past 30 years of globalization, Huawei has also gradually forged 68 digital scenarios, covering R & D, manufacturing, global marketing, finance and other fields

at the same time, as fellow travelers, we are deeply involved in the digital practice of customers in all walks of life. For example, in the field of smart cities, such as smart Shenzhen, Digital Fuzhou and smart Dunhuang, Huawei has built smart cities for more than 700 cities around the world

only by believing in the future, accumulating bit by bit, implementing and iterating one scene by one, and striving to realize digital transformation, can we create a great digital future

digital future, symbiosis, CO creation and sharing

to build a digital future, we need a digital ecosystem of symbiosis, CO creation and sharing

the essence of business in the digital era is to make a big cake. Huawei proposes to build a digital ecological cube from three dimensions: first, aim at the future of digitalization and deeply explore the far unmet scene demands of various industries, which is the premise of making a right cake; Secondly, partners with n abilities need to aggregate and give full play to their expertise, which is the basis for making a big cake; Finally, we should create n cooperation modes and business models to achieve symbiosis, CO creation and sharing, which is the eternal power source to make the cake bigger

Shenzhen future airport is a case of Huawei and its partners practicing Digital Eco cube and creating value together

from the flight business flow, to the breakdown scenarios such as seat allocation and ground handling support, to the ability to aggregate partner software development and data governance, and then to the open cooperation around the whole life cycle of the project, Huawei's joint partners helped Shenzhen airport build a future airport. In 2019 alone, more than 2.6 million passengers were ferried, and the security efficiency was improved by 60%

in the face of various challenges and uncertainties, Huawei will only be more open, complement the advantages of its partners, and do its best to help the development of the industry

new digital paradigm

in the next few decades, mankind will move towards an intelligent society, with a depth and breadth far beyond our imagination. The traditional development paradigm can no longer meet the social demands. There is an urgent need to rearrange and recombine all elements to build a new digital paradigm, so as to burst out new productivity

the new digital paradigm has three characteristics

first of all, digitalization must be created by situational innovation closely around customer needs, customer pain points and dreams

secondly, the digitalization process increasingly relies on multi technology collaboration. The five machine collaboration digitalizes the industry infrastructure and business processes, realizing digital twins, and opening up infinite possibilities for the development of thousands of industries

finally, the indication error caused by digital generation is a positive difference mode, which will also evolve to value symbiosis, CO creation and sharing, complementary with partners' advantages, mutual inspiration, mutual achievement, and making a big cake together

let's see the world from a higher place. Huawei is willing to work with every customer, partner and friend to embrace change, build a new paradigm of industry digital, and create a great future

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