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In July 1, the weekly steel price index of Japan fell by 0.46%

in the month, industrial enterprises above Designated Size achieved a profit of 1920.3 billion yuan, an increase of 27.9% year-on-year. Among them, ferrous metal mining and beneficiation industry increased by 55.9%, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased by 35.3%, and ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry decreased by 1.1%. On June 28, the China Iron and Steel Association released statistical data that showed that in mid June, the daily output of crude steel of 76 key statistical iron and steel enterprises was 1.6397 million tons, an increase of 15600 tons compared with the same caliber in early June, with a month on month increase of 0.96%. According to the prediction of China Steel Association, the average daily output of crude steel in China was 1.9554 million tons in mid June, a decrease of 12000 tons compared with the first ten days of June, a decrease of 0.67% month on month

this week, the myspic index was 173.7 points, down 0.46% from last week. The domestic steel spot market continued to fluctuate and fall this week. At the beginning of this week, under the influence of the price reduction of steel mills and poor demand, the mentality of merchants continued to be weak. Because this week is the last week of June, merchants are facing repayment pressure, funds are relatively tight, and some merchants with large inventory increased the bargaining space to ship and cash out. In the medium term, with the long-term price improving, the merchants are not willing to continue to callback the quotation. In addition, the demand is not enough. Bayer materials technology has 30 production bases in the world, and about 14200 employees have warmed up with the decline of price, so the market began to stabilize gradually. On the last day, the forward price of steel opened low again, the pessimism in the market reappeared, and the quotation decline increased again. In the short term, the weak operation situation of the market is still difficult to change in the absence of favorable chemical enterprises and chemical research institutions

the flat material index was 150.5 points this week, down 0.46% from last week. Among them, the medium thickness index and cold rolling index decreased relatively, reaching 0.78% and 0.48% respectively. In the plate market this week, Lanzhou market and Shanghai market fell significantly. Lanzhou medium and heavy plate market continued to decline this week. Last week, Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the local leading steel plant, reduced the price of medium and heavy plates by a large margin. This week, the local steel plant continued to callback the ex factory price, which had a great impact on the spot market, and the business operation continued to fall. In addition, the arrival of goods in Lanzhou market is relatively concentrated this week, which makes the market sales pressure gradually increase, the merchants' awareness of risk prevention is also gradually enhanced, and the willingness to ship cash out is obvious, so the quotation continues to decline significantly. This week, the Shanghai medium and heavy plate market continued to decline, and the low price resources in the Shanghai medium and heavy plate market traded relatively well this week, which gave the market a greater momentum for correction. Under the condition of the continuous decline of the national market, the merchants' willingness to ship was very strong. In addition, the arrival of resources in the Shanghai market this week was relatively concentrated, which accelerated the price decline to a certain extent. The merchants' sentiment of falling was aggravated, and the quotation continued to fall. In Lanzhou market and Shanghai market this week, the 20mm thick plate of the middle beam driven by the ball screw pair fell by 100 yuan/ton and 80 yuan/ton respectively compared with last week

in the cold rolling market this week, Xi'an market and Lanzhou market fell relatively large. Xi'an cold rolling market was affected by the decline of surrounding markets this week, and the weak mentality of merchants continued to fall. In terms of transaction, recently, end customers mostly focus on inquiry, while the actual transaction is relatively small, and the purchase is mainly a small amount of goods. In addition, the tightening of funds has caused great pressure on downstream customers, which has further affected the daily goods collection and increased the shipping pressure on the market. Therefore, the market quotation continued to decline. This week, the cold rolling market in Lanzhou had a poor deal, and downstream customers also had many difficulties in funding. They were cautious in purchasing and chose to divert more purchases, and kept watching the market; From the feedback information, at present, most market stakeholders are mainly bearish about the future market, and believe that there is a great possibility that the market will continue to decline in the future. Therefore, some traders are worried about the remaining inventory in their hands, and they hope to ship when the market price is temporarily stable this week in order to recover some funds, but the weak transaction makes the merchants' mentality entangled, so the quotation continues to fall in order to ship. This week, the cold rolling of 1.0mm in Xi'an market and Lanzhou market fell by 100 yuan/ton and 80 yuan/ton respectively compared with last week

the long timber index this week was 197.7 points, down 0.45% from last week. Domestic steel futures prices fell first and then stabilized this week, and the performance of the spot market was also relatively volatile due to this impact, with huge declines in Jinan market and Kunming market. This week, the long material market in Jinan fell first and then stabilized. For the steel market, there is little hope that many negative macro aspects at home and abroad will be relieved in the short term. In this general environment, the downstream steel needs to delay the spread of the fire even if it catches fire. In addition, the recent reduction of ex factory prices by leading steel mills has led to a downturn in the current steel market transactions, so the steel price continues to decline. The local market transaction was poor this week. However, since the summer is the off-season of demand, the merchants' psychology is not too pessimistic, the market inventory is also maintained at a low level, and the sales pressure is not large. Therefore, the local market quotation shows a stabilizing trend later this week. This week, the long timber market in Kunming continued to fall. Affected by the continuous shock of the overall peripheral market, and the sales have been not ideal, the main local steel mills have successively reduced the executive price, resulting in the further weakening of the sales mentality of merchants. Considering the later operation, some merchants said that the overall price of construction steel in the local market in July was reduced by at least 200 yuan/ton, which was reasonable, so the resource quotation also fell significantly. This week, the thread HRB335 20mm in Jinan market and Kunming market fell by 130 yuan/ton and 90 yuan/ton respectively compared with the previous trading day

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