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Comments on July 2: Lecong market profile prices stabilized and consolidated

Lecong steel market news: on July 2, 2012 (Monday), Lecong profile prices temporarily stabilized, and market transactions were generally

domestic well-known steel spot trading platform - China's steel spot market monitoring: profile prices are as follows: angle steel prices: Yifeng 40*40*4 Lecong angle steel prices at 4250 yuan/ton, Tangshan 100*100*10 Lecong angle steel prices at 4330 yuan/ton; In terms of channel steel price: the price of Liugang 8# Lecong channel steel can be enlarged, reduced and clicked. The corresponding data of each point on the observation curve is 4280 yuan/ton, and the price of Liugang 22# Lecong channel steel is 4330 yuan/ton; I-beam price: Rizhao 20# Lecong I-beam price is 4350 yuan/ton, Rizhao 25# Lecong I-beam price is 4580 yuan/ton

today, most of the billet prices in China continue to consolidate, and the transaction is general. Most of the onlookers are stable about the later profile price trend. It is understood that the merchants' fund collection is basically completed at the beginning of the month. Although the transaction is still not ideal, the pressure is reduced. It is generally said that the wait-and-see is determining the profile price trend. It is expected that the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator will be implemented in the short term, mainly from the profile price or consolidation

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the price of channel steel. Therefore, the I-beam can be extended. After the label on the sling is worn, the bearing tonnage can be identified through the color of the sling jacket. The demand for replacement materials will be very huge price

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