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PTA morning review on September 17: multiple bad news pressured PTA to close down

Zhengzhou PTA futures fell violently yesterday, and the decline expanded in the afternoon. The main 1101 contract closed at 7864 yuan/ton, down 1.08%. Due to the decline of crude oil and the market expectation that the government will raise interest rates soon. However, the market demand increased due to the preparation of materials in the traditional peak season and the mid autumn national day. However, PTA is still under the background of "three highs" of high profit, high opening rate and high inventory. It is expected to promote the orderly and systematic development of the industry, and the future PTA may continue to consolidate

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell for the third consecutive trading day on the 16th, due to an important oil pipeline plan to resume concrete pressure testing machine to professionally detect the compressive strength of concrete transportation, reigniting people's oversupply to the world's largest oil consumer, the United States, which will speed up the supply of high-end polyolefin pipeline special materials, multi specification rotational plastic special materials, 3D printing plastic consumables, medical plastics Concerns about the development and production of special materials such as bioplastics packaging materials. The settlement price of October crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $1.45, or 1.9%, to $74.57 a barrel. Enbridge energy partners said that the oil pipeline shut down due to the leakage accident last week has been repaired and plans to resume operation on the 17th. The above-mentioned shutdown of the oil pipeline pushed crude oil prices to a one month high near $78 a barrel earlier this week. The news that the pipeline plans to resume transportation made the oil price hit a mid week low of $74.11 per barrel, because the possibility of a sharp rise in crude oil inventories increased, and crude oil inventories were at a 20-year high at the end of August

PX in Asia remained stable at US $968 per ton on the 15th, equivalent to the PTA cost of 6430 yuan/ton. The operating rate of PTA unit decreased by 91%, and the downstream polyester operating rate increased to 83%. PTA factory stock days, polyester factory stock days. The peak season of textile consumption in autumn is coming, the inventory of PTA exchange continues to decline, and the trading volume of China textile city rises to 6million meters. The peak consumption season and the production of new devices have driven the price of polyester filament to rise sharply again, and the shortage of cotton supply has further driven the price of polyester staple fiber to rise

in terms of spot goods, the PTA market atmosphere in East China fell slightly. Generally, the spot price was around yuan/ton, the market inquiry atmosphere was light, the mainstream negotiation was around yuan/ton, and the firm offer was scarce. PTA Asia (1) thoughts on the establishment of a large information network platform in the city. The spot market made a slight correction. A small number of Taiwan made goods were offered at $915/ton in the market. The buyer was cautious in taking the goods, and the mainstream negotiation was carried out near $915/ton. The mainstream negotiation of Korean made spot goods is around the US dollar/ton

yesterday, the stock market suffered a sharp decline under the influence of bad rumors. First, it was rumored that banks would be allowed to raise the deposit interest rate by 10% according to their own conditions, and second, it was rumored that they would give value preservation subsidies to savings deposits. A relevant person from the central bank told the China Securities Journal that the central bank would not comment on market rumors. Recently, there is great pressure on the appreciation of the RMB, which is bad for the import of a large number of commodities

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